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SakuraSkin Pro IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

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Frequency Of Use

- We recommend using your handset once a week for the first 12 weeks.

-After this period, use the handset once a month for 3 months, or until satisfied.

-To maintain hairless smooth skin, use the handset once every 2 to 3 months or as needed.

-You can continue weekly treatments even after your initial 12 weeks, if need be.

-It is not necessary to treat the area more than once a week. This is because IPL most effective in the growth phase and some hairs may be dormant during treatment.

Our Guarantee

 Your handset is covered by a full 1-year warranty! If your handset has any defects within 1 year of use we will replace it! 

✓ Your handset is certified for safe use, you know you can trust the quality of your product. Don't risk using an uncertified device!

 Customer satisfaction is our main priority. We have over 75,000+ happy customers around the world using our product! 


-Brand: SakuraSkin

-Dimensions: 12,4 x 8,38 x 4,8 cm

-Weight: 200 g

-Color: White, Pink, Black

-Operating mode: Manual / Automatic Flash

-Flash Intensity: 5 possible settings (depending on the color of the skin and hair)

-Treatment surface: 4 cm square

-Power supply: (220V)

-Type de prise: EU, US, UK, AU plug

-Bulb life (quartz tube): 500 000 flashes

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  • SakuraSkin Pro Hair Removal Handset

    Our best selling IPL hair removal handset loved by thousands of customers worldwide.

    Our new and improved at-home IPL laser hair removal handset.Based off our much loved original SakuraSkin Classic, we upgraded EVERYTHING we possibly could to bring you our best handset yet.A new sleek ergonomic design, more powerful insides including a quieter and more efficient fan and a 20% larger light window – so you can treat more area in a flash!

How Does It Work?

  • Light energy from IPL is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which then turns to heat and destroys the hair cells. 

    This causes hair regrowth to slow down significantly after each treatment. 

    With visible results in just 2 weeks, and full results within 12 weeks.

    You may not know it but this epilator is suitable for both women and men.

  • Say Goodbye To Your Unwanted Hair Effectively And Naturally!

    This professional SakuraSkin IPL Handset uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to slow hair growth and reduce hair growth.

    The intense pulsed light generated by the SakuraSkin Pro epilator will act on the bulb of your hairs to prevent them from growing back.

    After several uses, the amount of hair will decrease sharply until it completely disappears.

    The results are visible in just 2 weeks.

    Enjoy perfect hair removal and say goodbye to your hair in an efficient and natural way!

  • Pain Free Hair Removal

    Unlike razors or wax, our SakuraSkin Pro is painless: you just need to run the device over the areas to be depilated (legs, face, armpit, bikini line, etc.)

    This professional IPL Hair Removal will be a perfect ally to regain soft and silky skin.

How To Use It?

No batteries or charging required, simply plug in the device to begin treatments.

Bring the machine close to the target area, so it is perpendicular to the skin, and apply the laser light treatment.

With 5 levels of light pulse intensity, you can customize the treatment to suit your level of hair growth.

7 reasons to use the pulsed light epilator at home with SakuraSkin

1. Permanent hair removal.

Unlike other methods which remove hair only temporarily and whose regrowth you can observe, SakuraSkin Pro eradicates the problem at the root: after a first shave, it numbs the follicle and interrupts the hair regrowth cycle. . The result ? Visible permanent hair removal and incredible looking skin.

2. Safe and suitable for your skin.

Our SakuraSkin Pro has 5 settings to suit most skin tones.It is thus effective for different pigmentations.You just have to adjust the intensity of the flashes generated by the epilator according to your skin tone.

3. An effective solution at home.

SakuraSkin Pro is inspired by the latest professional IPL technology used in salons and dermatology clinics. SakuraSkin has adapted the technology to make it efficient and safe to use in your home.

4. Fast treatments.

With SakuraSkin Pro, treat both legs in less than 5 minutes at the lowest energy level. Use glide mode to produce more flashes and cover more areas or buffer mode provides more precise treatment, suitable for narrow and sensitive areas.

5. Gentle and painless.

SakuraSkin Pro produces warm light and causes only very slight discomfort. It even offers a soft and ultra soft mode for first use or sensitive areas, such as the face or bikini line.

6. Practice.

With a wired device, you get full power treatment without interruption. This saves you from having to charge your device in the middle of treatment.

7. Money well spent.

Compared to salon prices for hair removal, the financial advantage of this home IPL device is obvious.

  • Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

    If you're not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be an option worth considering.

    Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures in the U.S, Japan, South Korea...

    It beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles.
    Pigment in the follicles absorb the light. That destroys the hair.

  • Can IPL Treatment Really Make Your Skin Look Younger ?

    IPL encourages the production of collagen.

    Once produced, the collagen goes to work on improving the effects of sun damage and the other factors that make your skin look more age.

    After IPL, you will notice a big improvement in the appearance of your fine lines.

Is It Safe?

There have been numerous clinical studies conducted that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal.

Due to this fact, it has become an extremely popular option for safe and effective method of hair removal at home and in clinics.

  • SakuraSkin Pro Hair Removal Handset
  • SakuraSkin Pro Hair Removal Handset
  • SakuraSkin Pro Hair Removal Handset

Why Choose Us?

✓ Your product is covered by a full 1-year warranty!
✓ Certified for safe use, you know you can trust the quality of your product.
✓ Don't risk using an uncertified device!